Friday, 26 April 2013

Watch Amir Khan vs Julio Diaz Online

Watch Amir Khan vs Julio Diaz Online at 2:00 P.M ET On 27/4/2013

In what may be his last fight within the UK, Amir Khan can tackle former world light-weight champion Julio Diaz at the Motor Point Arena in Sheffield this Saturday. Below new trainer Virgil Hunter, Khan won his last fight convincingly against Carlos Molina and he is predicted to handle Diaz simply as comfortably, however the recollections of Khan's two recent defeats to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia mean question marks remain over the Bolton-born boxer's ability to resist getting into an all-out war, and whether or not he will survive that sort of fight.

The downside Amir Khan faces is two-fold. Firstly, he is thus good, many fighters don't wish to mix with him. He is lightening fast, hits onerous, and invariably arrives on fight night in unbelievable shape. At his best, he is quite simply, untouchable. However, the second drawback he has is his chin. When massive punchers - or even accurate punchers - catch him, Amir is in trouble. Not forever, and his powers of recovery are pretty remarkable, however the $64000 issue is that Khan cannot resist a "tear up". When he gets hurt, his pride won't allow him to retreat, cover up, regain his senses and acquire back to doing what he will best.

Hopefully under Hunter - who additionally appearance once the sensational Andre Ward - Khan can learn that caution can be the better half of valour. The fight the British silver medal-winner desires more than any other once this one is a rematch with the onerous-hitting Garcia. We will realize out on Saturday whether he is right to risk that, or not.

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